The Same Old Story

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About me. Not alot to say really. I work in a printers as a printer lol. Most of the time it's enjoyable, but there are occasions when I get stressed out with certain jobs.

I'm a massive sci-fi nut and will pretty much watch anything sci-fi. I love going to conventions and will go to as many as possible :-)

I can be a very emotional person and get quite easily offended. Most of the time I'm a happy person full of life, but I do have my moments.

Music is one of my big loves in life. I mainly like indie and rock. I'm a big fan of Muse, and Pearl Jam.

Even though you probably wouldn't strike me as being a geek. I'm pretty much a geek at heart. I just love alot of things that are classed as being geeky. If you can't accept that then I suggest you be on your way.