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08 June 2010 @ 11:03 pm
Back from the dead.  
Wow! I log in and to my amazement my Livejournal account still exists after 2 years of no activity, and I also manage to remember my login details.

Collectormania/Expo was pretty good. It's always nice to meet up with friends who I haven't seen in a while. I actually thought it was going to be a cheap weekend, but yet again as always it got expensive.

Collectormania I decided to meet Nicki Clyne and Joe Flanigan. Nicki Clyne was happy but didn't really have much to say, even though she weren't busy at the time. Seemed to me she just wanted to chat to her assistant. Joe on the other hand was great as always. Infact he was the one who started the conversation off with me and Gemma. The story he told us was quite disturbing and funny at the same time. When he was flying back from Chicago some fan or dealer had bought a cheap flight ticket to get through the gates knowing Joe was going to be there. How he knew this we didn't know. He pulled one photo out for Joe to sign and he said fair enough. Once that one was signed he proceeded to pull out even more. Joe said there must've been close to 100!

Expo for once was quite pleasant. We actually managed to get all our payed autos done within half hour of the show opening! If it weren't for waiting for the free autos we would've left as the stalls and all were pretty crap. John Noble was great and just like he is in Fringe. Full of excitement. Jasika Nicole was great too. Really happy and found one of the photos we got her to sign quite embarrasing. She said to us 'Oh my god look at my hair, it's so big!' Alaina Huffman I found really nice, but seemed quiet. She was happy to do posed photos too so that was good. As for Jamil Walker Smith, oh my god get him to a con. He would love it. The guy is just a laugh. Posed photos too and pulling faces for the camera, not to mention when he walked past us all with a builders helmet on. I've no idea what that was about!
Waiting around for the free autos next. How fun it was. Running behind time too as usual. Not to worry, managed to get a posed photo with Esai in the process too.