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07 June 2011 @ 04:29 pm
So I took it upon myself on finally bought myself a new phone and Gemma too. Got myself a HTC Desire from Amazon as they were selling it the cheapest. Got Gemma the Wildfire as she thought the Desire was a bit big. It's more than adequate for her. She loves it anyway. It is an early birthday present as she needed it, but something tells me she'll more than likely get more now knowing me, and especially as I here the summer bonus from work is going to be a big one due to all the work we've been getting this year. The apps are something else. So many I like, especially the sleep as android. Had to get it. I want to catch myself sleep talking, as Gemma has said to me on numerous occasions I do. I get 'What the hell were you going on about in your sleep last night?' Can't wait for it to happen! Other good ones I've found are angry birds, fat booth, zombie booth, androidify, abduction, barcode scanner, fluffy, google sky map, jefit, qr droid, shazam, and where's my droid. I'm addicted to the phone. I can't put it down. So glad I opted for it instead of the windows phone. Changed my mind at the last minute due to Gemma choosing the wildfire and glad of it!
01 June 2011 @ 03:52 pm
Haven't posted here in a while. I always say to myself I will but never get round to it. Well here goes. Round 3 I think it is.

Collectormania. It was fun from what I was able to actually be there. Many thanks work! I feel gutted and like I'm missing something inside of me but what I don't know. I wanted to be there the whole 3 days. Gotta get out of that job and soon! Anyway, I managed to get everyone on the Monday within the space of about an hour! Got more than planned yet again lol! Met Robert Patrick, David Blue, Fredric Lehne, and Anthony Head. Robert was cheerful. Got a X-Files pic signed with him and David Duchovny. Reason being, a friend has told me and Gemma that he's scheduled to be in theatre but it hasn't been announced just yet. Better be now or I just wasted £20 as Gemma got him on the Saturday anyway. David Blue can talk. Alot! Really nice guy and I'm glad that he spends time chatting to the fans. Makes the experience all the better. Spoke to him about SG-U being cancelled and how I was hoping for a season 3. He said there was a season 3 lined up and it was going to be so different and better to what we've seen so far. Makes me wanna cry. Damn you Syfy! There's always a chance it could be picked up at some point, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Season 2 was how it was meant to end. The show got cancelled after filming had finished. Fredric was nice and it was a far better experience than at Asylum a few years ago. Anthony was nice too, but it was more or less in and out.

After much debating with the weather, me and Gemma decided to head off to London and the Comedy Theatre to get Douglas Henshall. Good job we decided to ignore the rain as it was bright and sunny in London! To top it off we didn't have to wait long for him either as he was already there. Must've been doing rehearsals as he came out for a smoke. He didn't seem in the best of moods, but then I'm not bothered about that if he signs all our pictures, which he did. He looked like he's gonna get fed up of signing real soon though. Another case of Gillian Anderson in the making. Asked him if he'd ever return to Primeval as there is a loophole with the anomalies where he could possibly come back. Said he wouldn't. Also said he's got no interest in doing an autograph show. Maybe he's not the best of signers and we were lucky to get him. Well there was only me and Gemma there. Normally I can count into double figures waiting for whoever it is, mainly dealers!

Must look into who's next to get in theatre, as there are new shows on now or starting soon. Douglas's being one of them. I know there's Romola Garai who Gemma wants and Arthur Darvill, but others escape me right now.
26 July 2010 @ 01:48 pm
The last two weeks have been eventful. Some good times, some bad times.

I'll start with the friday before LFCC. Started the day by ending a night shift, so the journey begins with travelling up to Gemma's. Most of the time the journey is mundane, but there was one hell of an accident on the otherside near Bristol. Pretty much everyone was slowing down to look. I don't tend to but as it was so slow I thought I may as well. Well one of the cars was a complete wreck with a cover placed over the top of the car. Definitely a fatal one there. Ambulances, fire engines, police cars, the lot. After that the journey was once again mundane.

Once at Gemma's I went straight to sleep as to recover from my night shift. Gemma weren't finishing until 3pm. Got up at about 1pm and it was a case of sort my stuff out ready for when Gemma finished and then straight to the train station. Once in London we proceeded to head to the Vaudeville theatre to meet Jeff Goldblum again. He arrived around 6pm and signed all our photos and Independence Day dvd. Really nice guy who likes spending time with his fans. It was a good job we went on Friday night as we heard it was manic on Saturday night and Jeff was stressed out by the numbers of people waiting by the stage door. I bet the majority were from LFCC. Off to the hotel we went and once settled we popped out to McDonalds for some dinner. The room at Easy Hotel was complete pants. Had this green light for when there's a fire bright as hell. Neither of us could sleep properly. Saturday night though I wrapped a load of toilet roll and had one of Gemma's hair bands over it to hold it in place. Didn't completely get rid of the green light, but it was enough to let us sleep better.

Saturday was off to LFCC. Got up at stupid o'clock to start queueing. Only wanted Katee Sackhoff. I was wondering whether I had to be there so early, but still. Once in, we got Katee within half hour and now it was a case of waiting round for Katee's photo shoot. In the meantime we looked at the stalls and caught up with friends. We got some 10 x 8's from Stateside stills ready for our theatre rounds later in the day and chatted with Crippsy, Laura, Rachel, and Ash. The photo shoot for Katee could've been a complete disaster if I hadn't waited near to it due to incompetent crew members. The shoot began I think at 11.50am. I was ticket 143. Got told to come back at 12.30 as my ticket numper should be ready by then! Anyway I weren't having any of it. I know for a fact it don't take 40 minutes to take 143 or more photos in a photo shoot, especially the speed Malcolm goes at. I stuck around. By 12.00 I was in the queue and by about 12.10 I was out, and to top it off the photo shoot was all done and dusted before 12.30!

Well off to Leicester Square we went to get some lunch and do the theatre rounds. We started with Adam Garcia at the Novello. Well he was taking a while to come and I got a bit worried I was going to miss David Hyde Pierce and Joanna Lumley at the Comedy Theatre. It was hitting 4.00pm, it's a fair walk and I know they come out at about 4.20. I later find out 2 minutes after I left, Adam showed up! Sod's law. Turned up in time for David and Joanna. Got them easily once again on better photos I will add. It was now a case of dart back to LFCC to pick up my photo shoot with Katee and in the process get some Nick Jonas photos too, as Gemma found out he's in Les Miserables. I'm not bothered by him. I just know he's a biggish name and Gemma's sister likes him. It weren't to be anyway. When we got back to Earls Court tube station, the Picadilly line was at a standstill due to someone ill on the tube at Barons Court! Also the Circle line was closed so we were never going to make it in time. Off we went to get some food and catch up with Crippsy and Laura. That was a fun night for many reasons.

Sunday was the Toy Story 3 premiere. We didn't get up too early for this, as we knew that Tom, Tim, and Joan wouldn't be there. Well we showed up to Leicester Square to see a big crowd of people there. We saw some regulars too. The newbies wouldn't have it though that Tom Hanks wasn't going to be there. They kept saying 'You just want him to yourself' stuff like that. Even when the cinema manager told them Tom wouldn't be there they wouldn't have it! It made great comedy when Alex Zane the presenter said who'd be there for the premiere. The looks on all their faces! Well we did tell you! Anyway me and Gemma between us managed to bag Terry Gilliam (director of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and writer of Monty Python), Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey), Danny Dyer, Kate Garraway, celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo, and also the director and producer of Toy Story 3 Lee Unkrich and Darla K Anderson. Rhys Ifans was there too but he didn't come by us no thanks to the masses of Tesco clubcard holders that just wouldn't go inside when told to. The cinema manager was furious.

After the premiere we went back to LFCC for a short while before later heading back to Gemmas. We had a chinese for dinner which went down a treat. It always does. After that it was crash for the night as we were completely knackered.

Monday was Gemma's birthday. She was chuffed with all her presents which makes me happy. We went up the town so Gemma could spend her birthday money, but she couldn't find anything she really wanted. For lunch it was a Nando's followed by Toy Story 3 3D. I really enjoyed it, so did Gemma. I think in the evening we walked Dave and Mitch and settled down watching something but I honestly can't remember what.

The next few days was work, so nothing eventful until Saturday just gone.

We went off to London once again for a theatre run. We headed for the Donmar for Charlie Cox and Ian McDiarmid, but later found out there was no matinee. I was positive though that I thought Ian was headed in my direction but he looked in a shop window and then continued down an alley on the other side of the street, so I thought nothing of it. I later discover it was him after all. He was obviously avoiding me. Kind of sad as I was the only one there. Gemma was round the front keeping an eye out there, due to the Donmar has three entrances. The most we can cover is two. I'll tell all later in the log about Ian.

We headed off to Les Miserables instead due to no matinee at the Donmar. Nick Jonas was there, so we thought we'd try to get him for Gemma's sister as there was no one else at that time we needed. Well I've never felt so uncomfortable in my life! Loads of screaming fan girls. Never again! We managed to get him on one photo and funnily enough he signed my one but not Gemma's. I would've thought as I was pretty much the only guy there, he would've thought I may be a dealer. Well ok I weren't the only guy there. There were a couple others there, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were gay.

After that it was off for some lunch and then Adam Garcia again. This time I got to see him. Not that it bothered me though. Gemma was more interested in getting him on a better picture, as she weren't that chuffed with the picture she got last week, but it was the only one she could get at short notice. He was a nice guy though and really good with the fans. Atleast there were no screaming fan girls!

It was now back off to the Donmar. This is something I'll never forget. I didn't experience it first hand, but I got the right impression by what Gemma did. Ian showed first through the back door. Came out, pushed a fan away from him and said ' No, I WONT be signing any autographs whatsoever!' How rude. Makes Gillian Anderson seem nice when she just says no. There was no need to be so melodramatic about the whole thing! It was to the front door for both of us now as we were told by staff that Charlie would come back in through the front, which he did. At first he walked in and none of us recognized him. He then turned round, looked at us and said 'You guys waiting for me?' when we said yes, he replied 'Sorry' and made his way to us. He signed all our photos we had for him and Gemma asked for a photo with him, which he agreed to. He gave her a cuddle too so that more than made up for Ian in her books. Oh yes Ian. How I found out it was him, someone said to me what he was wearing as I asked him, and I said to him 'So it was him at 12.00 walking by earlier' Utter complete bastard! I was the only one there at that time. Would it have hurt him so much?

We later found out there was a Dr Who prom on at the Royal Albert Hall. We thought we'd give it a try, but Matt and Karen were already inside. We were told they'd be out at 10.30pm but that would mean we'd miss our train. We were told Matt was avoiding everyone possible, but Karen was happily signing. Another one where fame has gone to his head then!
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11 July 2010 @ 05:51 pm
Saturday we thought we'd go out early and hunt the post lady down by Gemma in the hope that the photo's we wanted for London were out for delivery. Didn't take long to track her down and we were ecstatic to find that she had it on her. It didn't half weigh a ton so she was happy for us to take it off her hands. It weighed a ton as it contained all our holiday pics too and there was a lot of them! We searched her down as usually by the time she get's to Gemma's it's gone 10.30! Anyway back off to Gemma's it was and book our train tickets.

We set off and when we got to the station we realised I made a slight boo boo with the train tickets. I thought I booked Virgin train ones, but they were London Midland only! That was me rushing lol! Not to worry it was still early and we had plenty of time.

Got to the Vaudeville to meet Jeff Goldblum at roughly 11.00. Thought it's best to get there that time as usual just in case he got there early. Has never happened but you never know. He did arrive earlier than what we thought he would though. Normally they get there at about 13.00 to 13.30, but Jeff got there just after 12.00 so loads of people missed out there. Hehehe. He signed all our pics and dvd covers. One of my pics he was fascinated by and looked at it for a while. It was the 'Law & Order' one. Got to have a photo with him too.

Off we went to KFC for some lunch and then a few hours to spare relaxing around Leicester Square before we waited for David Hyde Pierce and Joanna Lumley to come out of the matinee of La Bebe at the Comedy Theatre. They were keen signers too. Signed all we had for them. There was quite a lot of people waiting for them too. More than what I thought there would be.

After that it was a walk around London before heading back to Gemma's. Once there we chilled for a bit and then ordered ourselves a chinese. Brilliant way to top off a tiresome yet successful day. Eases next weekend now, but still may go back to get some more stuff signed if time allows us.
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09 July 2010 @ 11:56 am
Well photos I ordered a few days ago still haven't come. Was hoping they'd be here by today so me and Gemma could shoot off to London tomorrow and get Jeff Goldblum and maybe a few others. Not to be unfortunately. Looks like we'll have it all to do next weekend. Well atleast my Katee Sackhoff photoshoot is at a not too bad time providing they're running on time, which they probably wont be! May just have time to rush off and get Jeff in the nick of time. If not I think Gemma said she'll go across and I'll meet her. That and we'd also like to venture off to the Comedy theatre and get both David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) and Joanna Lumley, and then the following day we have the Toy Story 3 premiere and Tori Amos! It will be one tiresome weekend to say the least.

Have knocked both Insurgence and Roadhouse on the head. I have the money but just don't want to waste it on them. We really enjoyed our holiday and want to save for another. That and our wedding.

Oh, did I mention I've had my hair chopped at long last? I really don't like it when it starts getting long, but Gemma does. Anyway I got so cheesed off with it that I got it cut.
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05 July 2010 @ 05:23 pm
Holiday was fab, but so sad it's over. I want to go back.
Went to Landscove, which is near to Torquay. The weather was fantastic all week. Really sunny and hot. Couldn't have chosen a better week. The staff there were great and the entertainment team in the nights were fantastic.
The Saturday was just a relaxing day. Got our food for the week at Sainsbury's just down the road. Took a walk down to the cliff side right by the holiday park, and then chilled at the bar. The scenery around the park was absolutely lovely.

Sunday was a trip to Paignton zoo. Loads of great animals to see. The salt water croc was scary, but awesome to see, along with the two reticulated pythons which were massive. They were in their own enclosure in the open down below instead of glass cages as they were that big. Gemma didn't like them much due to their extreme size. Got to see many exotic animals too, some of which I've never heard of before, along with the monkeys as usual, tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, meerkats, etc... Can't remember them all. The highlight of the day though was the baboons. After taking photos of them and then looking through back at our holiday home, we discovered that three of the photos you could call animal porn! Three of the baboons had their willies out big time. How we never noticed it at the time I'll never know!

The Monday we decided to go to Torquay for some shopping and the beach. I didn't buy anything apart from a maltesers milkshake from KFC and then later a McDonalds for lunch. Gemma didn't buy anything either lol. We decided to keep our money for other things as everything we saw we could buy in either Cardiff or MK. We went back to the holiday park in the afternoon and went off to the pool for a bit, and then later the bar with the laptop as they had free wifi. Just wanted to check email, facebook, etc... We took a walk after dinner to the fort which was at the cliff's edge. A bit of a history trip. It was where the English stopped the French from invading. Pretty cool. In the night we went to the club to see what was going on. There we played bingo before hand, with no luck, but then again we only bought a ticket each lol! Later they had a comedian on stage who was pretty good infact with some good jokes. Had the crowd going so he was obviously doing something right. Later then one of the entertainment team done a solo singing performance and he was actually pretty good.

On the Tuesday we went to a model village. It was really cool with some recognizable stuff there, such as Star Wars, Star Gate, LOTR, and many landmarks too. We also saw a 4D mini film there too of something about Dracula. It was like a film/ride so to speak. It was really cool. Ended up coming out soaked a bit lol. Mid afternoon we went back to the park to chill at the bar and later had some juicy pork kebabs for dinner. We then hit the club in the night for the entertainment. They had a kids talent show on that night. They were looking for people in the audience to be judges and Gemma said to one of them that I'd do it lol! I would've anyway but still. Anyway whoever won in each category would win a free holiday and to think it was in mine and two others hands! Well I basically handed it to one of the kids on a plate by giving them top marks lol! I had to as they were good, but ok not that good, but what I noticed the other two were marking the very little ones like the age of 2 high just because they're cute. Plus the one I gave top marks I feel deserved it.

Wednesday was a trip to the doctors in the morning as Gemma developed a nasty looking rash. It was only down the road anyway. She got given some tablets for it, and it soon calmed down. After that we went down to the beach for a bit. We then headed the opposite direction of the park, or say the other side of it to the harbour. They had many cool shops down there and the scenery was pretty too. Later that night it was back to the club for some more bingo, and once more to no avail lol!

Thursday we decided to venture out to Exeter for a days shopping. There we found an Athena shop. I haven't seen one of them in years. Had some cool Toy Story 3 stuff in there for the Prem in a few weeks. Also had a cool wedding guest list book that me and Gemma picked up as it had the the theme of what will be our wedding song on the front cover of the book. We found a Nando's there too, so that had to be done for lunch. I ordered a quarter chicken with chips and rice. My god, the chicken was massive. It must've been on steroids or something lol! Later in the afternoon, we headed back to the holiday park to chill for a bit, and then went across to the restaurant in the park for a chicken balti as it was curry night. It was rather nice and the price was reasonable too. So reasonable we decided we'd come back on the Friday too. After that we went on to the club for the nights entertainment. More bingo again, and guess what. I won! Scared the living daylights out of Gemma when I shouted house lol. Got myself a big Toad teddy from Mario Kart from the prizes I could have. Later that night it was Wild West night. Which was rather funny. One of the entertainers we thought was drunk, but it turned out he'd just lost the plot a bit half way through. It was hilarious and made the show.

Friday we decided to look around the harbour again as last time we didn't spend enough time there and it was late in the day the last time we were there. Had some chips from the chippy down there. They were the best chips I'd tasted in years! Later we had an ice cream which was just as great. Gemma had a clotted cream one, while I went for a blackcurrants and cream which tasted fab. We bought bits and bobs there. Toffee, fudge. The usual stuff. We then headed back to the park and off to the bar to watch Brazil v Holland. I'm pretty sure I was the only one there routing for Holland. I was the only one who cheered when they scored. When Brazil scored earlier there were far more cheers. Turned out I was on the winning side! Well they are a European nation so of course I was going to support them. The only European nation I don't support is Germany. Oh and Italy because they're boring and France just because they're France. Later it was get changed and back to the restaurant where Gemma had a lasagne, while I had a sirloin steak which was very tasty indeed. Guess what. Later it was back to the the club for more entertainment and more bingo lol. I won two nights on the trot on prize bingo. Got myself Peaches this time to go with Toad. Bear in mind these teddies are a fair size! Gemma won on the money bingo. Got £12 which more than paid for the night. Tonight's theme was west end. It was good. Some very familiar songs. I did prefer the Wild West one better though, but it was good all the same.

Saturday it was time to say goodbye. Neither of us wanted to leave. Got to know a lot of the staff while we were there. I must admit, I did have a dry throat feel when leaving. I hope they're there next year as we plan on going back as it was so much fun. Hopefully for two weeks instead of just the one. We may even go back in September for a week as we've been given a £40 discount voucher if we do and with that it wont cost too much.
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20 June 2010 @ 09:45 am
Well daytime television has never been so good, or should I say so bad! This world cup is abysmal yet I always seem to watch the majority of the games. Of all the games played I can possibly count off the amount of good games on one hand. I'm getting board of it already.

Holiday soon. Can't wait. A week down to Devon way is much needed. Haven't decided whether we'll be travelling from mine or Gemma's yet. Mine is on the way, so we may travel to mine on the friday, spend a day, and then head on to Devon. It splits the journey up too.

Looks like it will be the full weekend for LFCC now as the Toy Story 3 premiere IS in London on the Sunday. It's just a showing at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Should be a good one to look forward to. Hopefully Tom Hanks will show up and maybe Jamie Bamber will make an appearance with his kids like he usually does for the kids premieres. Others I'm hoping for are Tim Allen, Michael Keaton, Timothy Dalton, and Whoopi Goldberg. Actually I'll rephrase what i just said. It is still only one day at LFCC as the other day is at the premiere. Duh!

With that being said we'll be waiting on both Insurgence and Roadhouse. Again only one of the events will be done if so. Depends whoever gets the better guests. My money's on Insurgence. On the sensibility side of things I can't justify getting tickets for it just yet with only Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries), and Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville). I've already met Michael before and even though Paul Wesley is near the top of my list of want to meet people, I can't justify getting tickets just for him. Roadhouse is looking bland. The problem with Supernatural is if you don't get Jensen, Jared, Jim Beaver, Mischa Collins, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, then there's not much point to the con itself as everyone else in the show are pretty much bit part actors.
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17 June 2010 @ 11:53 pm
Well I got my summer bonus. £167 which is good, but gone down a bit to other times. Still more than enough if we decide to do Insurgence 2, plus on top of that I have my overtime coming next week.

Speaking of Insurgence, Michael Rosenbaum has a new project of his starting up on Syfy. Not sure when though. It's called 'Saved By Zeroes'. Here's what's been said...

"According to the Hollywood Reporter, former 'Smallville' star Michael Rosenbaum, who played the sinister Luthor for seven seasons, will be headlining his new brainchild 'Saved By Zeroes' for SyFy. Slated to co-star Jonathan Silverman ('Weekend at Bernie's'), the half-hour comedy will follow the adventures of two former sci-fi TV stars who, after years of living high on the hog, are now down on their luck and work to get their lives back in order by appearing at fan conventions."

...I'll be looking out for this one with great interest.

Training has been great, but after such a long lay off it don't half hurt the following day. I'll get used to it again!

Holiday next week. I can't wait. Dead excited!!!
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15 June 2010 @ 03:34 pm
I feel the need to get back into my exercise once again. I haven't truly done a proper workout since the turn of the year and it shows. I've lost an awful lot of weight and strength in the process due to this. I wont go to the extent I used to though. I'll just do it at home or outdoors on a nice day. Just to get a nice tone. May get a few supplements depending on costs these days or just eat more of the right things at regular times.
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15 June 2010 @ 12:24 am
Well LFCC announce four more guests and still no one besides Katee Sackhoff that I want. Gemma don't want anyone! I can't see many more being announced now so near the event and that also the guest line up is looking pretty full up. Have mentioned to Gemma about saving the hotel booking for something else at a later date. The reason for this is its Easy Hotel and the last time they let us cancel but had to book another time in the space of a year. Having a look at Insurgence 2, but undecided on it yet. We'll have to use the hotel at some point if we decide to only make it a day trip at LFCC. We'd have to buy tickets for Insurgence which is money. We also need to save for our wedding. I'm into Vampire Diaries, Gemma's just getting started. Also it's Smallville. If I know Wayne, he'll get good guests as usual. It could be one of the last big ones we go to if we do go. Big if at this precise moment in time. I have my work summer bonus coming soon, so will have to see what it amounts to.

In other news the world cup is doing my head in! The noise of those things they all have is annoying! It just sounds like a constant swarm of bees inside the stadium! One big headache.
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